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David & Joyce

Steven Spielberg, look out!  I've been playing around with Windows Movie Maker 2.0 and made a 4-minute music video out of our wedding photos.

As mentioned on the main page, you may need to download a free program or two in order to watch some of the movie clips.  Some of the movie clips are AVI files and require Apple's QuickTime to view them.  The WMV files require Microsoft's Windows Media Player 9 in order to view them.  Having said that, Windows Media Player 9 includes support for most multimedia files, including AVI. 

Click here to watch the low res clip (4 MB)

Click here to download a 4-minute music video of our wedding:

Low resolution version (4 MB)

High resolution version (22 MB)



David & Joyce

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Jessica's Movie (Aug.23/04)
- Low Res. 5 MB
- Hi Res. 17 MB

Jessica Claire, that's what's new! (Aug.14/04)

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